Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sushi Night!

Inspiration struck Ed in the grocery store and we became the owners of a sushi making kit.

We set up our crack line of helpers and went to work rolling sushi.

We had fun making California rolls, which tasted even better than they looked.


Helen admonished Connor for looking "too happy" in the photo. She told us that chefs are serious!

Connor wasn't about to break his record for refusing to eat new foods, so he stuck with "deconstructed" sushi - but at least he used his chopsticks to eat it!

The verdict? Come on over! We're making sushi again. All we need is the seaweed!



  1. I LOVE this! Serious Helen and stick to his guns Connor. Sushi looks awesome!!

    1. Helen's steadfast refusal to smile made the night.