Friday, October 4, 2013

Helen Takes the Mic

A few weeks ago, Connor was at a birthday party and Ed was tackling yard work. Helen decided to turn our backyard into an amphitheater.

First, she gathered the place cards she made for our dinner table. I adore her E with as many parallel lines as she can fit. I couldn't believe it when Ed told her that traditional E's are made with just 3 lines. Sheesh. Who knew he was such a conformist?

As anyone knows, a proper theater has drinks! We had water and lemonade.

And then Helen took to her makeshift stage. I've been thinking about getting rid of that toddler play set for a while. Glad I haven't been motivated enough to drag it to the curb!

She crooned songs for several minutes before inviting audience members to perform.

I was the only who took her up on her offer.

It served as a great warm-up to the karaoke-ing I would be doing with my friend a few weeks later.


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