Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Summer List*

If you asked me when summer was as a kid, I would've told you it spanned the distance between the last day of school one year and the first day of school the next year. As an adult, I lack that marker in my life, so summer is a bit looser. Also, where I grew up, school is out for the year. But here in Virginia? Kids will be slogging through the year for a couple more weeks. And although I love not starting school until Labor Day, ending in June breaks my heart every year.

On Monday, Helen insisted we go to the pool. I cautioned that I would not get in the deep pool, I would only put my feet in. I had hoped the little pool would be as warm as it was a week ago when we visited, but too many cold nights between then and Monday meant that even it was cold. I *might* have gotten feeling back in my feet around bedtime...on Tuesday. But it's summer now, and in summer - we swim!

Over the years, the list of activities we pack into summer has grown - and to get through the list we dreamed up at dinner on Monday is going to take a lot of effort. But we're ready to make a go of it. In no certain order, here is what we plan to do this summer.

  • Go to a waterpark
  • Find an ice cream truck
  • Rent a paddleboat or canoe
  • Eat raw oysters - preferably plucked right from the ocean by Captain Barry!
  • Go to the swimming pool (accomplished by Helen already - not sure my toe dipping counts!)
  • Go fishing
  • Attend an outdoor concert
  • Ride on a slip and slide (I don't think the kids knew I tossed our torn one in the trash at the end of last year - anyone have one we can borrow?) 
  • Run Amuck!
  • Go camping
  • Listen to jazz at the Sculpture Garden 
  • Splash in the fountains at Buzz Bakery (kids) while having a drink at Rustico (adults)
  • Have a lemonade stand
  • Light fireworks
  • Make strawberry, chocolate, cookie dough, vanilla, and cookies and cream ice cream (I'm really looking forward to this, as up to this point, vanilla is the only flavor a certain 7 year old boy in our house will eat!)
  • Pick peaches and blueberries
  • Light a fire
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Bike to get ice cream
  • Visit the frozen yogurt store 
So...let's hit it, team!

 *Idea stolen from Therese.

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  1. Coolah-boolah. We're still working on ours.