Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Facing 40: We Run This Town

I want my kids to know they can push their bodies into doing almost anything they want. I want them to know that they don't have to be first, but it's a wonderful thing to finish. I realized, recently, that one of the rewarding things about running at my pace, is that since everyone running near me knows we are not going to win, there really is a feeling of everyone encouraging everyone else to keep going and finish.

I'll probably never be as fast as Ed. I used to run so slowly that it was actually painful for him to run with me, although he would occasionally try. For our 8K back in March, he ran with me most of the way, possibly because he knew it meant a lot to me to run sub-10 minute miles (which I did!), and keeping up with him was part of my race plan. However, as Ed was running with me, he was chatting away, clearly at leisure. I was grunting "yes" huff, puff, "no", huff, puff until finally Ed realized that I just can't talk when I'm running. It takes everything I have to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Connor's elementary school held a 5K and 1 mile fun run last weekend. I signed the whole family up. A mile is a long way for both Helen and Connor, but they had 30 minutes to complete it, and with enough walking, I was confident they'd finish. And they did!

Connor ran somewhere around an 11 minute mile - which is to say - he ran at about an 8 minute mile pace, walked, and then dashed off again. He was fast when he was running. I started off with him and he left me in the dust. Thankfully, he started walking not too far into the race so I could catch up with him. Helen trotted along with Ed and it was pure glee when she caught up to Connor and me. At that point, Ed took off with Connor and I ran / walked the rest of the way with Helen.

Helen ran / walked for 13:15. And she came in strong. As I ran with her across the finish line, I showed her how to pump her fists in the air and cheer for herself. You Go Girl!

The great thing about running at an elementary school is that there are a lot of parents cheering on all of the kids. It's a great environment for a first run.

Connor liked the donuts after the race.

After completing the mile, Ed and I went on to run the 5K. He left me in the dust pretty quickly. He ran sub-8 minute miles. I'm not sure I'll ever get that fast - although I'm now hoping to get to an 8 minute mile by next year.

I finished the race in 27:05, which is good for an 8:43 minute mile. This is, by far, the fastest I have ever run - and almost 40 seconds per minute faster than I ran in March.

Check out that heel-to-toe form I still have at the finish as well as the fancy new running shoes I treated myself to after I nearly injured myself at the March run, wearing shoes with literally no support left in them.
Next up? Run Amuck at Quantico. Ed and I both need to practice our push-ups and monkey bars before the race, since those are two of the obstacles in the course.


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