Monday, December 10, 2012

Man Time and Geocaching

Ed and Connor are now geocachers.

Last weekend, Helen and I went to a puppet show version of the Nutcracker. Connor opted to stay home and have some "man time" with Ed. As part of their adventures, they went in search of two geocaches. They discovered both of them.

Geocaches are hidden treasures, locatable with a GPS. The ones Ed and Connor found were mini-geocaches, where finders sign their name to a log, take the treasure that has been left for them, and leave a treasure in its place. Connor found a quarter and a penny. He left two glass gems.

Yesterday, the boys included Helen in their adventures. Sadly, they came up 0 - 2. But, Helen wasn't the least bit disappointed because even though she didn't find a treasure, she found a friend! Apparently the second location was a park and Connor and Helen met two children about their same ages.

Ed's and Connor's lifetime geocaching score is now 2 - 2.

Better luck next time!

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