Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Instructions for Santa

Helen and Connor have been poring over the toy catalogs for a few weeks now. Recently, Helen demanded that I cut a particular picture out of one of them so that she could give it to Santa. You see, last year, she requested a "baby nursery". And although she seemed pleased with her booty at the time, he didn't quite get it right.

She's requesting another baby nursery (how much baby crap does one kid need?) and she has a specific item in mind. It's a one-piece set-up that includes a changing table and baby bathtub. Luckily, she seemed equally excited about the possibility of another gift, and I have a strong feeling that other gift might be the one under the tree this year.

In any case, last year, I described Helen's present in this manner:

"For Helen, he purchased some more supplies for her illegal daycare, as she had requested a "baby nursery" from Santa - whatever the heck that is. (In case your child ever asks for this, Helen seemed pleased with some baby bunk beds, a baby bathtub, and some plastic feeding supplies). Dagger through my Waldorf heart those gifts were."

When I asked Helen why Santa needed the photo she responded "because last year he got me all this random baby stuff - he must not have known what a baby nursery was".

I almost fell over laughing when she said this.

Poor Santa. He just didn't know.


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