Sunday, December 30, 2012

First Lost Tooth

Connor has been nursing a loose tooth since some time in October. When I first discovered it was loose, Connor was thrilled. Then, he was not so thrilled, as he learned that the tooth didn't just fall out with no effort the next day. He was even less thrilled when he discovered that messing around with the tooth could cause soreness. The boy does not like to inflict pain on himself, which makes sense, of course.

I was content to let it just get pushed out in its own time, until I noticed another tooth coming in BEHIND the loose tooth. At that point, I told him the loose one needed to go and make room for the other because I did not want to have to deal with having two teeth in one space. So for the past few days, I wiggled the tooth whenever I thought about it (once or twice a day).

Connor had asked me a few days ago if I could make an appointment for the dentist to pull it out - and I wa$ not in favor of thi$ at all.

We were out with friends last night, and I asked Ellen if she pulled teeth. This next thing I'm going to write is why I adore Ellen so much. "Oh yes I do!" she said, followed by "let me get a paper towel". The woman is pure action when it comes to these parenting milestones.

But despite Ellen's willingness and enthusiasm for the project, she didn't pull the tooth because her older daughter intervened on Connor's behalf, laying herself across the table pleading "no, mom, it's going to hurt". Which turned Connor from being excited to fearful. Ellen tried to get her daughter to keep her yap shut, but that was not happening. The truth must be known!

Last night, when it was time to brush teeth, I told Connor I was going to work on his tooth again. Taking my cue from Ellen, I grabbed a paper towel and yanked the little bugger. It took two tugs and the thing was out. Only Connor had no idea it was out, so he was greeting me with a chorus of "owowowow" until his tongue finally found the space where his tooth once held on tight, and then he looked like this:

We carefully brushed the tooth, because Connor didn't want the tooth fairy to have to see any blood. He made certain the drain was covered - he was not going to lose this precious booty.

And, just as I had predicted, the tooth fairy left Connor a note, a gem, and a dollar. He's taken great care of the gem and can't wait to see if he gets another gem the next time.

I have a pretty good feeling that he'll get exactly that!


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  1. At least Ellen can be proud of raising a child who stands up for others when they are oppressed. Congrats Connor!!