Sunday, February 5, 2012

New York City! I Own You

It's true. New York City and I have not always gotten along. I doubt I'll ever forget when I nearly lost Helen, followed by the day I had a self-diagnosed panic attack in the middle of New York City with no other adults nearby that I knew. Although it took a while to get over that, I returned to visit Vickie the following November, and didn't even lose my kids once! Or feel as if I was in any danger of collapsing and leaving them to fend for themselves.

And now, frankly, it seems almost rude of me to tell New York City that my days of being intimidated by it are over.

For some reason (because we were being cheap), we decided to drive to Albany. On the way back, we split up the drive by stopping in New York City to visit Vickie and her crew. We spent a day chasing around giant statues in the City, visited a transportation museum, and ate cupcakes! Ed went out with a friend one night, and then it was back to DC for us. It was hardly intimidating at all. But it was fun!

Thank you, Vickie, for another great trip. Please let Tipper know that we are grateful that she is the nicest cat in the world, and someday, we hope to actually see something besides the blur that is Moxie as she exits the room when she sees us coming.

Benjie, Tipper, Connor, and Helen. Run, Tipper, run!

Can we break it?

"HELLO! I'm in a confined space! I must shout out to the world!"

Notice the thumb's up Helen is giving? That's her letting NYC know who's boss!


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  1. OMG you have a photo of Connor and Teo together! Awesome!