Sunday, February 12, 2012

Back from Utah

We're back from a week skiing in Utah. We had a handful of new flakes to ski on, but nothing that could be measured. No matter - all three resorts we went to had their hills in great condition (Park City, Deer Valley, and Canyons). The only think we'd do differently is not plan on a whole day of skiing for Connor at the Canyons. There is only one small area of green trails there, and so Connor went over, and over, and over them during his lesson. He complained of being bored - and for good reason. Although we would've taken him on several blue trails, his instructor didn't - which Connor blamed on the person he was paired with "not skiing in control" enough of the time. We thought the ski schools at Park City and Deer Valley were a lot better, with Park City being the favored one.

Helen took lessons at Park City and Deer Valley, and on Friday, she impressed us with her turns, ability to avoid objects in her path, and her ability to come to a complete stop.

You might wonder, why is Helen wearing that ridiculous balloon taped to her helmet? Or, you might know Helen, in which case you hardly notice it. On my way to drop Helen off at ski school at Deer Valley, we passed through a craft room. Someone was blowing up a balloon, and Helen asked if she could have one, too. The guy told her he'd come tape it to her helmet - and he did, and she loved it! And she was a little sad about having to take it off for the airplane ride home! It was sort of nice for us, because she was easy to spot on the mountain. When I went to pick her up, every person in the ski school area knew her, and she had fallen in love with them all.

Helen, Grandpa Dick, Ed, me, Connor - with poles!

I have no idea what Helen is paying attention to at this point, but she did manage to stop before running over my dad as he snapped this photo.

Cutest gal on the mountain!



  1. Love that balloon on her helmet! I'm sure everyone fell in love with her too!

  2. please come back to Tahoe next year I want to see you and meet the kids.

    1. Tahoe is definitely a possibility. I love Squaw Valley - and I liked the ski schools up that way. Might also shoot for CO - but still wide open. Would love to say hello to you as well.