Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just Tell Me What I Need To Do Here

Last weekend, we went skiing with several friends. At one point, most of the people in the group tried snow tubing. Although Helen did not find her first brush with snow tubing to be fun last year, she was interested in trying again. Unfortunately, she's too short. At Wisp mountain, you need to be 42 inches to snow tube.

Helen pondered wearing her "wedding shoes" that Aunt Linda gifted her a few years ago. They have a small heel on them and Helen loves tromping around in them - often announcing how tall she is! Unfortunately, wedding shoes are inappropriate snow tubing gear - although what really concerned Helen is not that her feet would freeze off, but that once she wore the shoes outside, they would become outside shoes instead of inside shoes. That, in Helen's eyes, would be awful.

Connor suggested wearing a big hat. We didn't think that would work though, given that Helen is about 3 inches too short.

The evening before tubing, Helen asked Ed and I what foods helped you grow. We told her that milk, yogurt, and kale were good foods. She insisted we go out and purchase more kale immediately. Her plan? Grow 3 inches overnight. It was a little hard to explain to her, that even if she ate a lot of kale, she'd still be under 42 inches in the morning.

I have to hand it to Helen, though. She was pretty determined to grow those inches - and she was willing to do just about anything to make it happen.


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  1. Kale is awesome. Have her come to our place and we'll have a kale party.