Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From Left to Write Book Club: Earthbound Cook

Long ago, in a world that sometimes seems far away, Ed used to enjoy cooking fabulous meals, and I enjoyed eating them. Unless they had a lot of onion. Then I enjoyed picking through them before eating them. I also know my way around a kitchen, and as I played the role of Ed's sous, my skills grew. Until one day, I gave birth. And that little guy, as perfect as he was, required a lot of time. And so it was only natural that we started scrimping on the cooking side of life. We didn't resort to going out, but we resorted to simpler meals and over the past five years, the number of dishes we cook regularly has shrunk considerably. Naturally, the times we attempt to be really adventurous have dwindled as well.

This month's From Left to Write book club selection was a cookbook, which gave me the opportunity to remind myself that I actually enjoy cooking, and  I made several dishes from this great cookbook - no stinkers yet. 


Squash, White Bean, and Chard soup. Bonus points for using up the last of the CSA produce!

Shrimp and Corn Chowder! The kids ate the shrimp part.

Coconut crusted salmon! The kids liked this one, after they wiped off the coconut and bread crumbs.

Ed's birthday dinner - Tuna on Lentil salad, with feta a roasted red peppers. The kids ate the tuna. Can you believe they will not eat a roasted red pepper? Makes no sense.

And roasted brussel sprouts. Even Ed doesn't like these. But because they are the most beautiful vegetable on the planet when still attached to the stalk, he cannot resist buying at least one batch of them each year.

I loved them all, something my mother never thought she'd see in print since I was the pickiest eater on the planet when I was little.

Bon appetit!


  1. woh, these dishes look fantastic
    well done Elaine

  2. My kids don't like roasted red pepper either...though they do like shrimp fried rice enough to eat all the components, which include unroasted pepper!

    I loooove roasted brussel sprouts. Also kale chips.

    Soup would be a great and easy cold night dinner for us, but I still have to deal with rather picky children. They won't do creamy and chunky soup.

  3. I was thinking...Elaine is making and eating these things? I remember when you wouldn't eat ANYTHING! :) I think is wonderful that you are introducing the kids to these wonderful tastes and textures.