Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Trouble with Gay Marriage

I know, I know. Everyone who knows me just knows I support gay marriage because they think I have this lofty ideal that people ought to be able to pursue happiness, so long as it doesn't harm someone else. They probably also think that I foolishly believe that two people who love each other cannot possibly threaten my marriage to Ed. In fact, they probably go so far as to think that gay marriage is an absolute, non-issue to me - as in, I cannot fathom a reason that people get all anxious about this subject (explained more eloquently by Therese).

And guess what? They're right - or at least they were before November 1. Because before November 1, this issue was largely a theoretical one to me. But on November 1, that all changed because on November 1, my friends Nikki and Jana tied the knot in a lovely church ceremony in DC. I was lucky enough to attend the ceremony and much of the reception. I left during dinner to feed Helen and attempt (in vain) to put her to sleep for the night (sorry babysitter, I thought I was being helpful!) and pick-up Ed (who had spent the day with the kids opting to do something other than sit quietly for an hour, since that is something neither he nor the kids do well).

But when the serious partying started, on an unbelievably gorgeous November day, at my friends' unbelievably gorgeous new home, I finally figured out why some people disagree with me and think that gay marriage is wrong.

No beer.

Wine, hard cider, and pretty much every alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink you can imagine were served with seemingly no end. But beer? Ed and his friend Dan reported that there was no beer at the reception. that's the trouble with gay marriage. I get it now. Thanks for pointing that out! And guess what, it can be solved - easily in fact.

So now, let's get back to letting people love each other and get that stupid Prop 8 in CA overturned, and get gay marriage legalized across the country.

Why do I care? Because the more of my friends who get married, the more opportunities I have to pursue a hobby I took up when I was planning my own wedding - cake baking!

(And yes, this is the cake I baked for the occasion that was absolutely devoured by their guests. I set aside a piece for Connor - who helped bake and decorate this cake - only to find a particularly unscrupulous guest who came into town just for the wedding eating it. Thankfully, I was able to snag another and Kellee kept her mitts off it.


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  1. By a landslide, the best wedding I've ever been to was our close friends Marc and David. And, they had lots of beer!