Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Start Your Engines!

The runway in our home that extends from the living room, through the kids' play kitchen area, through my kitchen, through the dining room, and finally into the sitting room has made for some excellent drives through the house by the little people. It is also possible to make a loop through the first floor, so drivers need not stop to back up and turn around. At this point, Connor looks like Richard Petty compared to Helen's old lady on a Sunday drive impression. Eventually, I suspect the races will be a bit more thrilling than they are now.

At some point on Sunday, Connor decided he no longer needed the little white bar on his vehicle of choice, because he didn't want Helen to be able to stand up and push him from behind. This has resulted in him falling off the back more times than I can count. I mentioned to him he might want to put the bar back on and he stubbornly told me "I like falling off the back" and then promptly did it and went so far as to pretend it didn't hurt when he landed on his tail end, just to prove his point. You got me there, big guy.

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