Monday, September 22, 2008

And I guess SHE'S independent too!

For the past week or so, Helen has been very interested in the toy kitchen area in our sitting room. She'll crawl over there, put stuff in pans, and mix it up for a while. Connor will often be cooking right beside her, though he usually keeps the contents of his pan inside the pot, while Helen is not so concerned with that detail. As the adage goes - if you want to make an omelet, you gotta crack some eggs. Then, Helen noticed the shopping cart that Connor often pushes around and apparently she decided she needed some new ingredients herself, so she pulled up on the shopping cart and went shopping - all the way down the hall.

She also decided to rearrange my curtains that hang a bit out of reach - so she just climbed on the CD player nearby to get a better angle. What a little problem solver she's turning out to be. She can employ the same trick if she wants to see what's on a higher shelf in the refrigerator than she is built to look at.


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  1. Wow- she's moving now! I can just picture her toddling down the hallway.