Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We really should get him an interactive pet

Last week, Ed decided to get lobster for dinner. He, of course, was thinking about the tasty dinner we were going to have. Connor had other plans.

He must have played with the lobster, taking him in and out of the sink, for almost an hour. We kept thinking the lobster was all "dude, take the bands off my claws and we'll see who's the big guy then!". We thought we might run into a problem when it came to the eating part, but luckily Connor seemed to understand that his "pet" had limited time on this Earth and was willing to eat him.

I love Connor's artwork in the background on the second photo. Sort of gives us a slaughterhouse theme for the kitchen.


  1. Props to Connor...I wouldn't dare touch that thing (even with the bands on) until it was ready to eat!

  2. connor is far, far braver than i'll ever be!(not to mention i would have bawled my eyes out at the idea of eating larry lobster after playing with him!)