Friday, February 8, 2008


Ed headed out of town for a long weekend with his dad skiing, so my sister is filling in as the second parent in the house. And, it's a really good thing because Connor decided to go completely insane at bedtime, which made me go completely insane, and after Connor's nuttiness woke Helen up for the third time, I'd had enough so I sent Connor downstairs - screaming and all - to my sister. She calmly kept telling him that as soon as he was quiet he could go upstairs, but rationality was not his strong point this evening. Eventually Helen went to sleep so I could deal with Connor. And, after a few more rounds, we had a do-over bedtime, played some monkeys on the bed, and now, all is quiet. I am clearly not meant to be a single parent. Do not be fooled by the innocent look on the child's face below.


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