Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Does this ever get old?

Among Connor's favorite activities is proving he can fit in very small spaces, particularly when I tell him he does not fit. For example, if he needs in the kitchen and I have the refrigerator door hanging open, rather than saying "excuse me", he squeezes his body between the dishwasher and open refrigerator door and exclaims "I do fit, Mommy!" when I tell him he needs to let me know he's coming. He'll also hang out behind my bedframe (getting stuck and scared once), under the table, and pretty much anywhere he wants to be. Unfortunately, he declines to use his special skill for much good. For example, last Friday night Ed and I had our Supper Club over for dinner which required I put the leaf in the table. The leaf is stashed under my bed, rather deep, as it turns out. Connor is the only person who has a shot to fit under the bed, so I asked him if he could fetch it. He showed me that indeed, he could get to the leaf, but he flat out refused to move it. Instead, after telling me he had reached the table leaf, he scooched his little tushie all the way back out with nothing in hand, telling me "I don't want to, Mommy" (words I hear more than I prefer, I might add). So I struggled with a broom and eventually moved the table leaf to where I could grasp it.

He may be small, but he has grown. The first photo was taken in January of 2006. Notice, if you will, the BLUE eyes that he possessed at that time, in contrast to the brown eyes he now has. At the time, he thought hopping in the pot was great fun, and didn't even seem nervous that the bowling ball he was carrying around in place of a head was wobbly enough to smash into the side of the pot if I wasn't careful.

He was equally happy to pose for the photo below, only this time, he had the wisdom to confirm the stove was OFF before he would go in the pot, because I guess he realized we'd been feeding him an awful lot of candy, ice cream, and yogurt recently just to fatten him up so he'd make a real nice stew.


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