Sunday, February 10, 2008

All's quiet on the eastern front

I was a little nervous about bedtime tonight. My sister and her kids left for home this afternoon. This meant it was me and au pair at bedtime. Helen nurses to sleep (though she does drink from a bottle these days!) which means either I need to get both of them to sleep or Connor needs to be helped by Mod. They both go to bed at the same time these days, so I decided I would try for Helen a bit early and take care of Connor a bit late, knowing that he was unlikely to allow Mod to put him to sleep if I was in the house. And you know what? The plan worked. I read a couple of books to both of them and Connor asked "Could I please play for just a couple more minutes, Mommy?". "Yes, Connor, I think that would be fine. I'll go ahead and put Helen to bed, and you can either play out here quietly or in your room and then I'll come read books to you and sing you a couple of songs." He played for just a couple of minutes, came out to the chair Helen and I were in and made another book request, I read the book as Helen nursed, he then asked for his bottle and by the time I got Helen in bed, he was almost asleep. He had tucked himself in (after telling Mod he wanted Mommy to read to him) and was lying there, cute as can be. I went ahead and read another book to him in the dark and sang him a couple of songs as he finished his milk. Haven't heard from him since. Helen needed one minor adjustment (because she got stuck on her shoulder as she squirmed around) but has also been asleep since I headed downstairs.

So, after that first night of Ed being gone, things have been pretty good. But I think next year, Connor will be all to happy to hit the slopes with his Daddy.


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  1. I hear you on this one! Good for you Elaine - this is a tricky and major hurdle! Despite the fact that David usually puts the girls to bed by himself 2xweek while I'm teaching and usually an additional 1xweek while I'm out partying - I'm terrified to put them to bed by myself.