Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Spring and Summer with prAna - with discount code

Spring is here - or at least it was, for a few days. And with spring came my desire to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe. I jumped at the chance to add another item from prAna (last winter, I snagged a winter coat that is both warm and more stylish than my old coat, a corduroy skirt which fits perfectly, and a shirt for Ed which is easily the most stylish thing in his wardrobe).
I'm still  drooling over a few dresses, but I made it out to a Memorial Day brunch sporting this dress.
It's the "Quinn Dress". I was giving it a test drive for my upcoming vacation with Helen. I'm visiting a friend from college, and I want to be both stylish AND I need my outfit to be functional at whatever playground we end up on. This dress is made with this stretchy quick drying fabric (a huge plus) AND has  a built in bra (fewer pieces for me to remember) and I'd say it's true to size.
Next on my list are these two skorts, which I'll be purchasing using my prAna discount code - SCS16ELMA - which you can use, too. It's good for 15 percent off until July 7.

All of these are candidates for my suitcase, which is bound for Prague and Vienna this summer. We've locked down housing reservations for that trip, so I'm starting to get excited!
I was gifted the Quinn dress. I've purchased several pieces from prAna and so far, they've held up very well. They are solidly on my "go to" list when it comes to shopping!

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