Monday, March 30, 2015


My parents have come into town to play the role of full-time childcare provider while I head to the less chaotic confines of my downtown office. That means two things. First, my children are extremely happy, because my parents are not afraid to hand them a stack of quarters (my dad) or a cookie (my mom). Both are still equally cool.

The second thing it means is that I don't get anything done that is not essential (and I do count my ten-miler on Saturday morning as essential). Rather than tooling around in this space or on Facebook at night, I'm playing cards. Only thing different this time around? Connor has been playing spades on his iPad and was ready to test out live competition. So instead of playing bridge after the little people went to bed, we played spades with Connor and then resumed our usual bridge game. After Connor and Ed got crushed the first night (when Connor learned that bidding something other than 4 is occasionally wise and sorting cards can be helpful), they walked away victors last night - right on the edge of disaster.

Connor was super thrilled.

I'm pretty sure after my parents leave, Connor will start teaching Helen the fine art of cards, because he'd love to keep our  nightly game going!


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