Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Scarf

This past summer, I taught Helen how to knit. She started with some size 10 wooden needles and a ball of shiny light blue yarn that she selected from her box of yarn. We cast on 15 stitches together, and away she went.

When she had free time in our vacation house, she'd pick up her needles.

When we were in the car, she picked up her needles. When she wasn't knitting, she would ponder just what would happen to the scarf she was making. Eventually, she decided that it would be a gift for someone in the family. And then, not wanting to upset anyone, she thought maybe Ed and I could share the scarf. That would be fine, of course.

She made a lot of progress on that vacation. When she came home, she often settled into other projects, but continued to make progress on what was now becoming a pretty decent length scarf.

A few weeks ago, she picked up those needles and starting knitting like it was her job.

And just a few days ago, we cast those 15 stitches off, together, tied on some tassels, and admired this!

By this time, Helen had decided the scarf should be a Christmas present for the whole family, including herself. So she carefully wrapped it up, placed it under the tree, and addressed a card to everyone from the "Christmas Fairy". Connor pointed out that we could all tell it was her handwriting on the package, which was a jerk thing for him to do, but Helen is pretty resilient, so she was over it quickly.

She made it exactly one day before telling everyone it was time to open the present.

She read the card, convincingly stumbling over some of the words she had written.

Even Connor was impressed! And Helen proceeded to wear the scarf the next day. Then it got warm again, and nobody wore the scarf.

This morning, Helen was looking in our winter gear box and remarked "I think I'm the only one who has actually worn the family scarf". So I told her "I would love to wear it today", to which she replied "I already have it on for today".

So, um, no - Helen, nobody has worn the scarf on a day when it was over 60 degrees, but tomorrow, I'm planning on racing you to the gear box and draping your beautiful handwork around my neck!


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  1. Beautiful scarf! Good job Helen! Grandma C