Monday, December 22, 2014

First Grade Book Exchange

Today, Helen's class had a little party to wrap-up school before the break. Part of the party was a gift exchange, where each student drew a name of another child and brought a book. Helen wanted to keep her identity a secret, so she signed the card "from Mrs. Butt". I almost fell over, because I have never heard her use that type of humor.

I told Helen that there was no way her teacher would go for that, and also explained that it might make the recipient feel badly - having a butt give him a gift.

She assured me he would think it was funny because he makes a lot of butt jokes, but eventually agreed to change the name. Her suggestion? Mrs. Butthead. How this was was better than the original I cannot fathom but at the time of the suggestion, she seemed confident that she had solved the problem.

Eventually, she settled on signing the gift "Elsa", which I suppose narrows it down to the dozen girls in the class.

I told the recipient's mom the story, mostly because she has told me how nice Helen is and what a pleasure it is to see her and have lunch with her. I figured she would appreciate knowing that Helen isn't always perfect.

She laughed, and then told me that Helen was right - her son did like butt humor, and he probably would've thought it was funny.

I guess even little girls who wear dresses to school every day are not immune to the occasional butt joke.



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