Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Worlds of Fun - He Finally Made it to the Fury!

After spending days 2 - 4 of our recent vacation at family camp, we had to settle the score with Worlds of Fun. This Kansas City amusement park denied Connor entry onto the Fury of the Nile last year, and Connor was ready to show them he rocked that height limit now. And show him, he did. (Though I can't say that anyone affiliated with the park actually noticed.) Helen also rode the log ride several times, which avenged her tears from last year.

Connor can now ride most of the rides at Worlds of Fun, but I'm happy to accompany Helen in the small people area. In fact, by the looks of it, I might have been having more fun than Helen on the car ride!

I'm not quite sure why I agreed to ride an enormous roller coaster with Connor, but I did. And I even let go of the safety bar long enough to snap this photo with my mom's camera. I believe we are in a stationary position at this point. I think Ed and I will forever be sad we didn't purchase the ride photo at the end because Connor had the best - I'm completely freaked out what did I get myself into? - look on his face. He's quickly become an old hat at these rides, so we're unlikely to see that crazed look on his face again anytime soon.

And I believe that's us in the log. Only surprising thing is seeing Helen's jacket. Her typical strategy is to tuck herself entirely under the front of the boat so she doesn't get wet at all. I remember doing this when I was the little one on the ride many years ago. Now, I've ceded that beloved first position to her.

We're still solidly in the getting along phase of vacation, but after family camp and now a day at an amusement park, we're starting to get a little bit tired. Will the kids sleep on the flight to California? Stay tuned...


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