Thursday, September 6, 2012

San Diego - Part 1

After leaving Kansas, we flew to San Diego. Helen insisted on sitting next to me on the airplane which turned out OK since she decided to sleep most of the flight. Thank you for that gift, Helen. It allowed me to finish knitting enough of Connor's sweater to realize I will be lucky if the thing fits you. Vacation knitting project basically aborted. Even typing this three weeks later I'm in denial.

The first night, we went to La Jolla to see the sea lions hanging out. About 10 years ago, Ed and I went kayaking here, but our recollection was of a friend's kayak tipping trying to get over the surf, and we weren't about to attempt it with the little people in tow. So we picnicked on the cliff and enjoyed the view from a different angle than we had before.

Just for the record, this is Helen and Connor at the start of the California leg of our trip, thrilled to be traveling with each other. Spoiler alert: their feelings will change over the course of the next 2.5 weeks of travel.

We were off to a vacation with a lot of promise. The California coast is just amazing. Part of this vacation was about learning to use my relatively new camera. What a fun place to do it.


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