Sunday, June 10, 2012

Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding - Go See It If You Like Happy

The Independent Film Channel recently released the movie "Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding". The invitation to the screening said Jane Fonda which meant I said yes.

One of the things that really annoys me in the world of movies is the disappearance of women of a certain age. It makes me almost as crazy as the disappearance of woman of a certain size. Welcome back, Jane Fonda.

I've been thinking a lot about happiness this year, trying to weed out things that don't have a clear path to happiness for myself or those I love. When my friends announce changes they've made and want my opinion, I regularly respond, I'm for happiness. If what you're doing makes you happy, then I support it. Likewise, when decisions need to be made, or people want to know how I feel about legislation, I tell them my position on happiness.

Which mean I loved the move Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding. Pure joy. Because the screening was on date night, I asked Ed to go as my date, and even he thought it was a good film, which must mean it's not pure chick-flick joy. It's a good film.

If you're into happiness, you should see it. If you're into seeing extremely talented women of a certain age in movies, you should see it. If you need an excuse to escape the insufferable heat that has settled in, you should see it.

Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding - at theatres across the country now.


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  1. Thanks for the rec! We can watch this at home on demand next weekend, which at least saves babysitting money. Looking forward to it!