Thursday, May 24, 2012

Carrots and Rabbit Traps

Ed and Connor have been attempting to capture rabbits for at least as long as we've lived in our current home - maybe longer. I still have no idea what they plan to do with this rabbit if they catch it, although Connor has some ideas about having a new pet. My dad would be proud.

In their most recent attempt to trap the rabbit, they set up this box with a couple of carrots beneath it. The idea was that someone would yank the string connected to the stick that held the box up as soon as the rabbit started eating the carrot.

As it turns out, it's pretty boring sitting behind your front door waiting for a rabbit, though huge props to the bunny that kept bouncing around and at least trying to make it interesting.

The rabbit did decide to eat a carrot at one point, and knocked the trap over in the process. Amazingly, that thing was able to escape! Oh, it is tricky!

Here, Helen and Connor test the trap. They thought they were super stealthy escaping, which must by how the rabbit felt.

Helen, naturally, was a bit more animated about the whole game.

More amazingly, during the whole game, Helen started eating carrots. I realize that every child in the world eats carrots, but not mine. Connor and Helen both hated them when they were babies, and have continued their longstanding stand against carrots until this year. Connor is still holding out, but Helen's pre-school teacher cooks carrots with plum wine vinegar, and somehow this makes them delicious. Helen started eating cooked carrots at school a few weeks into the year, but she still rejected the cold carrot. On trapping day, she casually asked Ed for a carrot, popped it in her mouth and ate it as if doing so was the most normal thing in the world. I assure you, it is not at all usual for her.



  1. ehh... my 11yo has always refused to eat carrots and even picks them out of dishes. However, he likes brussels sprouts. I'm not too concerned.

  2. I didn't know any other kid refused carrots - exxcept for the kids that just refuse all veggies in general.

  3. funny post.
    Rachel took a snack for the whole class yesterday (happens 1x a month) and she specicifally asked for carrots and dip (did not know some kids might not like carrots). I thought about cooking them but did not.

  4. try squash leaves. Rabbits appear to like squash leaves. the rabbits ate my squash plants down to nothing. STUPID RABBITS

    1. Augh! They make me nuts - though so far they're skeptical of my own garden. Any day now, it's a goner, I realize.