Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bringing you...super smooshies!

Last weekend, we went on our annual spring camping trip with Therese and her crew. This season's trip was to Elk Neck State Park, where we had a spot right on the water. Only troubles were the small cliff separating us and the water and the path that led down to the water that was lined with some thorny plant. TWELVE bandages on one little girl who lost her footing is a lot!

Even Rob is struggling up this cliff!

A perennial camping issue we have is that Connor and Helen like to roast marshmallows, but they do not like to eat them. I feel the same way and Ed feels slightly inclined to eat them. Typically, they each roast several, Ed and I eat them while they tell us how gross they are, and then later, I wonder why I ate them. Vicious, vicious cycle.

This year, I intentionally left the marshmallows at home. And come Friday night, we sat around the first and the "SUPER SMOOSHIE" was born.

1 graham cracker broken into two squares
2 rectangles of Hershey's chocolate

Stack chocolate in between crackers.

Set in old camping pot and apply indirect heat from the fire.
Wait patiently as the chocolate melts.
Give it a ridiculous name - we chose the Super Smooshie.


Product is even messier than you might imagine!
Three Cheers for the Super Smooshie!

This post was inspired by a fictional Mompreneur in the novel Julia's Child, by Sarah Pinneo. Although the protagonist in the book is saving the world, one organic muffet at a time, our invention is far from organic, and definitely not healthy. Possibly the only things the two have in common are that both products are not all that original and come with a ridiculous name. I received a copy of the book as a member of the online book club, From Left to Write.


  1. That's hilarious, because I adore roasted marshmallows, but don't really care for the rest of the s'mores. I usually make and eat 1, and then just roast another half dozen marshmallows. I'll even roast them in our fireplace during the winter.

  2. do a search for HOBO Eclairs. They have replaced s'mores on our camping trips for the past 2 years.

  3. I love roasting the marshmallows but don't really care to eat them. I'm glad it's not just me!

  4. Love the photos!...lol. Let me know when you go again...I love roasted marshmallows. I'll be more than happy to eat my share!

  5. I am always the only one eating the marshmallows and snores. Yummy!! I'm not too sure I could handle the mess of the super smooshie, especially with no tub in sight.