Sunday, November 8, 2009


Connor is, by far, the hardest working person in the house. In particular, he loves his yard work. The dude is dedicated. This weekend, in particular, he showed up everyone else in the household.

On Saturday, Ed was busy installing a light that should've taken - oh, I don't know - thirty minutes. But, naturally, because we live in an old house, it took several hours. I was also catching up on chores, and eventually Helen told us she wanted to go outside. Connor decided to go out as well. They got their shoes on, and went out back. The next time I looked out the backdoor, Helen was busy fighting imaginary fires and Connor had taken the liberty of getting out the leaf blower and was busy blowing all the leaves off of our new grass. And he did a good job. He raked them into a pile, and at some point used a plastic baby carriage to move the leaves to the garden. It was definitely impressive work.

Later that night, I asked the kids what they wanted to do today. Helen said she wanted to go the zoo, and Connor said he wanted to do some work. And he wasn't kidding. This morning, as I was prepping to go to the zoo, Ed thought that perhaps he would stay behind and get caught up on a few odd jobs. Connor volunteered to stay at home with him. So Ed decided to go to the zoo. But on the way home, Ed mentioned he needed to do some yard work and Connor let out a yelp of glee at the prospect.

When the time came to do the yard work, he was no less enthusiastic and even recruited the three boys next door to help out.

I only hope his passion for yard work never wanes.



  1. I wrote my post before I read yours. Looks like David and Connor can make some good money mowing lawns and raking leaves when they get older. Nice work Connor!

  2. I am often shocked (and so is our electrician) at how long things can take in an old house. There are many times that he actually starts laughing when he takes something down and sees the mess of wires underneath.