Thursday, November 5, 2009

Prep Work

Paint was recently on sale at a store a few blocks from my home, and I LOVE a good bargain. So I purchased 8 gallons of paint. GALLONS. EIGHT OF THEM. This will (hopefully) allow me to repaint the dining room, kitchen, sitting room, upstairs landing and hallway, and Connor's room. Left to paint (since after the purchase was made, I also decided to have Ed rip many, many shelves out of our home) will be the office and main floor hallway and entry. EGAD!

I am definitely in over my head.

So I've smartly decided to delegate a bit, and lucky for me, Connor and Helen had the opportunity to paint another house as practice.

The project appeared a bit daunting at first, but Connor dove right in.

After a while, he took some time to consult with staff. And for the record, staff was happy to be consulted.

And from there, the two never looked back.

I'm just hoping they remember these skills when I finally bust out the paint. I'm sure I'll be able to use the help. The only issues I'm having trouble resolving is that the practice run was with washable paint and that is not the case with my new paint.



  1. they look like experts to me. Maybe I could consult them when I am about to paint Rachel's bedroom

  2. David thought painting the house was "so awesome", too.