Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two Year Appointment Wrap-Up

Helen saw Dr. Barakat on Tuesday for her two-year check-up. When he walked in the door she said "Dr. Bear-cat, my daddy no here right now. He is at work. This my mommy." The way she said it, I felt like she thought Dr. Barakat would be disappointed to see me when in fact, outside of a couple of newborn appointments, I am the only parent he ever sees. No introduction is necessary, though it was still nice, I suppose.

Dr. Barakat's response? "Well, Helen, it's nice to see your mommy. I guess I don't have to ask her about your speech."

Me: "She speaks in sentences."

Helen: "Connor at school today."

The appointment continued with Helen interjecting random things about her life, as if her and Dr. Barakat were old friends catching up after not seeing each other for a few years.

Finally, the appointment was over and Dr. Barakat mentioned that she would get her flu shot and one other.

Helen looked at him very firmly and crossed her arms in front of her: "Helly no want the flu shot. Ouch! Helly no like it."

Me: "Sorry Helen, but that reminds me, can Helen have her shots in the leg instead of the arm. She's still mad about the last one."

Dr. Barakat: "Absolutely, I'll tell the nurse." Then, turning to Helen "Helen, my dear, you are perfect. You are the reason I became a pediatrician. It has been a pleasure to see you today. Hopefully we will not see each other for a year because that will mean you continue to be in excellent health."

And with that the nurse came in and gave Helen her two shots, and unlike last time when Helen talked about her flu shot for at least a week, she was over it by the time we got to the car and she hasn't mentioned it again.

Vital stats: 22 pounds exactly (which is the 3rd percentile - and yes I did give Helen a 4 ounce bottle on the way to the doc's office!), 20th percentile height, and 50th percentile head circumference.


  1. Woo hoo ! She's on the charts! Not that it would matter if she wasn't, of course.