Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BBB #4

The oldest children in the mom's group turn 4 sometime between August 12 (Connor's bday) and December 28 (David's bday). In celebration, almost every family was able to gather - and there's a really wonderful thing about 4. Everyone can be your friend. Sure, there were a few tears, but mostly the kids just went right to the business of having fun.

The moonbounce proved to be a wild bit of entertainment, with kids diving in and out of it all morning. Possibly even more amazing than how well everyone got along and how much fun they had, was that nobody ended up going to the ER.

Occasionally, Helen would bop into the moonbounce for a bit of jumping, and Connor would tell the other children to not bounce too much because Helen was in there. It wouldn't take long for Helen to realize she was outmatched though and head back out.

She enjoyed the party, possibly mostly because baby Ari was there, and the fascination with him has not subsided in the least.


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