Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tea for Two...or More!

I realize the blog has been silent for a while. Typically, this means I'm working at night to make-up for multiple short days at the office. But last week? It meant I was busy doing really important stuff playing bridge with my parents. It's not often there are four adults who know the game in the house AND, perhaps more importantly, the housework all got done DURING THE DAY WHILE I WAS AT THE OFFICE! Seriously, I would totally hire my parents to care for my kids during the day. My dad runs the finest taxi service in Arlington and my mother never sits down. And I appreciate every bit of it because it meant that Ed and I could both get to work on the early side every day and get home on the early side and really enjoy the evenings.

Helen tried to coax my mom into sitting down for just a minute to enjoy a cup of tea with the teaset my parents gave her for her birthday. And oh, the tea parties we have been having around here. On Friday, Helen and I had the mother of all tea parties and I'm only sorry that there was no one here to photograph it because it was legendary. The fish crackers were divine and the water? According to Helen it was both "delicious an' refreshing".

Helen has had so much practice with her teapot, that she can almost realiably pour without overflowing the cup or spilling all over the table. The box the set came in looks wood, but is actually cardboard, so we've commissioned Connor and Ed to make a new one.

I'll let you know how that turns out.


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