Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy 49 Months!

Dear Connor,

You're first month as a four year old was quite exciting. For starters, you visited the ocean. And has been documented often, you love the ocean. This time, friends came with us and that made it even better as you played on the beach. Esther and you dug quite a hole for Ruthie and Helen to play in one day. Possibly you loved going to the beach with Esther and Ruthie so much because they brought their mom, Ellen, and she brought every beach toy imaginable (and no one who knows Ellen is surprised to find this out). This trip, Daddy took you out in the big waves one day and that was fabulous, as far as I can tell from the reports. Me and Helen? We were eating Cheetos with Kellee.

While splashing around in the water, you made great use of the net Grandma gave you in Cape May. You got quite a haul from the ocean, and lucky for me, you came home with only a small stash. Life can be all about compromise, sometimes.

You are still the master of rules, Connor. You have approximately one million of them for everything you do. Sometimes, your dad and I pretty much have to tell you to just SHUT UP AND ENJOY LIFE. Seriously, Connor, sometimes a situation can be analyzed just a little bit too much.

You have shown a remarkable ability to go with the flow some days, though please do not think you are not a total pain in the ass at times. But occasionally, when someone cuts your waffle instead of serving it to you whole, you do not freak out. You did, however, freak out when your dad and I told you all of the boards in our backyard were being removed and you were all "but I LIKE the boardwalk" and we were all - it's harboring pests including mosquitoes and it's in the way. Sorry dude, you'll win a few of the landscaping battles, but every piece of wood in that yard will be gone before Spring.

You love your projects and just today you told me you thought Daddy might be a little bit better at making stuff than me. Fair enough, little dude. The two of you have been enjoying taking a crowbar to the trellis, dragging grapevines and weeds out to the front of the house to be hauled away, and making random projects with your "project kit".

I should have documented this last month, Connor, but I forgot, so I'm posting it here. This is a photo of you opening your birthday present from Mrs. Moss. She sent it home with me the last day of school and asked that I give it to you on your birthday. It was the first present I gave you on your birthday and you really did light up to know that your teacher had thought of you. Even though you've moved onto the 5-day Kindergarten class, you still see Mrs. Moss on the playground each morning since your class and the 3-day Kindergarten class all begin the day outside together.


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