Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'll put this in the "good to know, I suppose" category of parenting

Mommy, when I die, you could put my body outside where a wolf could find it and eat it up.


But please don't do it until I'm dead.

OK, Connor, I think I have it straight. When you die, you would like me to feed your body to wolves. You do not want me to feed your body to wolves if you are still alive.

(with excitement growing in his voice)
Yeah. That's what I want. And you could put Daddy and Helen's bodies out there too when they die. And when you die, you could put your body out there. Or I guess you would need someone else to put it out there for you...

I opted not to let Connor know that I already have plans for my dead body, and those plans definitely do not include having it left out for wolves. Option 1: fertilize tomato plant with my ashes so that every tomato Ed eats the following summer he'll think of me. Option 2 (preferred option): Have ashes turned into an ash glaze and used on a pot I threw.

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