Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy 34 Months, Connor!

Dear Connor,

Thank you for making life easier this month. You actually went through one of those months where I can honestly say you were a joy to be around. Mostly. You still like to push buttons when you see the opportunity, and on occasion you attempt to get Helen to do something you know neither of you is supposed to do, but that didn't happen too much this past month.

You like to play dress-up, and more layers appears to be better than fewer layers.

I have enjoyed seeing your imagination blossom over this past month, though sometimes you use it for evil rather than good. For example, on our camping trip a few weeks ago, you had some potato chips with your lunch. I turned away for a few moments and when I turned back you said "Mommy, may I please have some more potato chips? A goat just came by and ate mine". And you were sticking to your guns about the goat story, glancing hopefully about when I asked where this potato chip eating goat had gone to after eating your potato chips.

On that same trip, you showed that it is possible for you to listen. Rob dispensed the three three-year-olds to get some sticks for roasting marshmallows. Esther and Eamon came back rather quickly, but Rob told them their sticks were a bit too small and brittle, and they might not make the best roasting sticks. Your response?

You also showed your sense of humor when you told me you were going to put just a little bit of the potatoes you had just mashed onto your plate for dinner.

Bedtime can be a bit onerous, for each evening you request a story about a garbage truck, a recycling truck, and a dog named Pugsley. Your dad is the chief storyteller at night and he reports he's running out of material, as am I. Couldn't we go back to telling fairytales and stories about natural phenomena again? Please?

You love dirt. This isn't really a new thing, but it was REALLY pronounced this past month. If we go to a playground with sand, you want to be in it. If we go to a playground without sand, you want to dig in the dirt. If I go anywhere near our garden, you are all about "helping" and digging up as many worms as you can find. For Father's Day, we dug a few big fat worms out of the garden for you to use when you go fishing together. Unfortunately, there was a bit too much water in our dirt, so not all of the worms survived their night in captivity. But, you did manage to catch a fish together on Father's Day with one of the worms that lasted through the night.

Your friend Sasson is the light of your life, but you are also happy to have other children your age around. You particularly like the children that are ready to put out fires with you and run around like crazy people. Below, Esther and Connor are flying to a fire - last time they were at this park together, they preferred to drive.

It's been a busy summer so far!


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  1. The best quote (that I will add to my quote board) was that when Connor came up carrying the stick he said "Here's a big stick ! " I almost fell over laughing when I saw him.