Monday, March 16, 2009

Sometimes, it's all in the details

There are a million things that Connor is very particular about, and I know he gets it exclusively from me. For example, Connor would never consider leaving the lid off the toothpaste and he always closes drawers after he opens then. When he cleans up, he puts his toys in their designated space and he regularly alerts me when I come home if a toy was not put away properly by someone else. He picks up on rules very quickly and he is not afraid to enforce them. For example, if I tell Ed to make sure the shower curtain is all the way extended when he is done so that it can dry, Connor will walk by the bathroom after Ed gets out of the shower and make sure the curtain is in the proper position. If it is not, he will either rat Ed out or fix it, depending on if he thinks he needs help.

And so it came to pass that we had this conversation Friday morning.

Mommy, I need to tell you a very important story.
Yes, Connor.
Yesterday, I looked in the dishwasher and noticed that your special offset spatula was in there. I told Daddy to take it out. I know you would never put it in there. It must have been Daddy or Kathy. I wonder why they never remember that things with wooden handles CANNOT go in the dishwasher. Especially your special offset spatula that is your very favorite kitchen tool.

And a few minutes later:

Mommy, do you know why my vanilla container is in the refrigerator?
I think Kathy or Daddy must have put it in there. I know you would never do that because it belongs on the shelf, not in the refrigerator. I always put it on the shelf too.
No Connor, I would not. Because I know it is important to put everything back where it belongs so we can find it the next time we need it.

And so it is, that I have passed on probably every OCD tendency I have to my son. And I adore that there is someone else in the house who thinks just like me - at least on very important matters such as these!


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