Monday, March 9, 2009

Something you might not know about airplanes

Look, Mommy, an airplane!

Yes, Connor, an airplane is flying right over us.

It's very low to the ground. I think it is getting ready to land.

I think so too.

I think it is going to land on the water.

Probably not. It looks that way because our airport is very close to the water. Next time when we're on an airplane, look out the window when we land and see if you can see all the water around our airport.

Some planes can land on water.


Yes. And in the event of a water landing, use the doors at the front of the plane. There is a float underneath your seat that you can use too.

- And this sums up precisely why I stopped listening to NPR when Connor was around. If only I could turn the flight attendant on the airplane off as easily. Although I have to give the flight attendants credit - the thought of a water landing is not at all alarming to the little dude.

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