Thursday, July 24, 2008


As it turns out, everyone in my house has connections, it seems - except me! Connor went to pre-school last year with the dude who owns Five Guys (a local burger joint) at National stadium. This means that sometimes Ed gets a free burger and Connor enjoys some free fries when we head out to the games. And although it shocked a particularly annoying usher when she saw Connor head back to our seats with a big ol' bag of fries instead of the wimpy child-sized fries that she had directed me to, Connor certainly likes it.

And Ed? He knows someone (James, a friend from high school) who has access to a freight train. And James was kind enough to score Connor a ride in the engine of that train. And the engineer allowed Connor to blow the whistle of that train as they drove up and down a 1/2 mile piece of track a few times. Connor was definitely impressed and has requested a return trip on more than one occasion.

Who does Helen know, you might be wondering? I'm not sure. But only because she hasn't told me yet. I presume when she can talk she'll be all "mom, please don't walk so close to me. very important person that only I know might think I'm not cool if you do."

Sigh. Maybe tomorrow I'll meet some super important person while I'm pushing the little people in swings. Who says being a mom isn't all glam?

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  1. I'm not buying it - you already know people who get you into Disneyworld for free and all you need to do is talk to people for them to become your connection.