Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sigh...It's official.

It's official, Teo is moving. Actually, it's been official for a while, but now that they have an actual house in Baltimore, it just seems a lot more real to me. When our au pair first arrived, and Helen was refusing to drink from a bottle, and Connor didn't seem too keen on listening to our au pair, Vickie trudged out to our house with Teo almost every day for two weeks - in the worst weather of the year!! - to help out. Later, Vickie let us join a weekly playdate that Teo had with another girl from our mom's group, which Connor completely enjoyed. For several weeks now, whenever I ask Connor if he'd like to visit another kid, he always shouts "AND TEO!".

Go get 'em Teo. We love you tons and look forward to visiting!


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  1. It's still unreal to us, too.

    Tonight, Teo put on his sandals by himself, then stood at the front door (while his parents were unpacking and putting stuff away) for about 15 minutes, knocking, pointing beyond the door, practically falling asleep there...I think he was signaling that he was ready to go home. (As much fun as he has running the hallway and climbing up and down the stairs, I think he still thinks of 17th St. as his home. But we can't blame him--we still think of it as home, too.)