Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Photos

Every three months, Connor had his photo taken by local child and pregnancy photographer, Liz Vance. Helen had her 3 month photos about on time, and we just went for her second photo shoot yesterday. Not sure if photos at 7.5 months count more for 6 month photos or 9 month photos. be a second child.

You can check them out HERE.



  1. The pictures are beautiful. I was going to note which one I liked best but there are so many great ones...the one of you smiling holding her up high, you nursing, her standing holding your cute!

  2. What a yummy little girl. How you are ever going to pick just one or two to blow up I can't imagine!!

    It's wonderful how much of Helen's personality the photographer captured. I know you said it was a crazy amount of money, but it's so worth it!!