Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Connor made his second trip to the bowling alley this past weekend. This lane had one improvement over the last. There's a little ramp thingy (that is the technical term) that young people can hoist their ball onto and then give it a push. This is a critical element for the toddler set if you want to see the pins actually fall. Recall last time, without this piece of equipment, Connor's ball was traveling so slowly that it actually STOPPED! when it hit the pin, rather than the pin falling down.

Ed and I would never claim to be amazing bowlers, but I'd like to think I could beat my kid. Not so. For the record, Ed ended up edging Connor out in the last frame by two pins.



  1. Where do you bowl? I'd love to bring Eamon.

  2. go, little dude!

    and yes, which lanes did you go to? i want to take the kids, and usually, i schlep out to FFX city...