Sunday, June 17, 2007


Connor knows a lot of words. He can express himself in most situations. The one word that he refuses to use is "yes". Almost always, if he agrees with something, he'll simply repeat what he wants, as in..."Would you like some apple juice" "Connor want some apple juice". Of, if he doesn't feel like talking, he'll just flap his right hand which is his sign for "yes". The only time he regularly uses "yes" is when I ask him if he wants toothpaste on this toothbrush and I tell him "say yes please if you want toothpaste" and then, because I guess toothpaste is just that cool, he'll comply.

Last night, Connor slept in his "big bed", which is just a single mattress on the floor with a rail. After Ed put him to bed, I went upstairs to check on him and he looked so tiny on that big mattress, as opposed to how crowded he usually looks in his crib with his 10+ stuffed animals. Ed wondered when Connor would come visit me in the morning. The answer? 5:45. Not terrible, but a bit early for my taste. He didn't even hesitate. As soon as I heard him stir, I heard him hop off his bed, open his door, walk through my door, and then he was looking at me. Yikes!

He needed more sleep (as did everyone else in the house), so he was pretty grumpy. Ed went and got him a bottle "no...not de bottle" Connor whined, but pretty soon, he got the bottle and climbed up into my bed. After a while, I guess he was bored, and he decided to start hitting me in the face, at which point I asked "Are you supposed to hit Mommy in the face" and I almost rolled out of bed laughing when Connor replied "yes, yes, yes!". It was at that point that I knew Ed had fallen back to sleep because he didn't even move.


Photo note: The diligent ride operator at the amusement park we went to last week noticed I was pregnant AFTER I had already ridden this wild and exciting ride in "Camp Snoopy". When she came to let us out of the ride, Connor told her "Connor want to ride again" and she said "sure" and then she paused and looked at me with great concern as she told me I really shouldn't be riding this ride since I was pregnant and all. I told her I thought it would be all right. It is, after all, made for people smaller than 48 inches. Of course, I was thankful to have the whole pregnancy excuse to avoid one of the rides my nieces convinced Ed to take them on!


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