Friday, June 29, 2007

Take me out to the ball game!

Pre-game activity: Go to the playplace - a large indoor play area that has a bunch of toys geared toward the 1-4 year old crowd. Connor actually knows this is near the stadium so if I mention to him that we're going to go to a baseball game, he instantly tells me "Connor goin' to go to the playplace to vacuum!" (his favorite toy there) and by the time he gets to the end of the sentence, he's practically squealing with delight.

First inning: Arrive at ballgame. Pick up veggie hotdog for me (yes, they actually sell these, which Ed firmly believes signals the decline of baseball), slice of cheese pizza for Ed, and bag of popcorn for Connor. This is actually the smallest size they sell at the stadium! Look over to see Connor actually watching the game.

Second inning: Continue eating popcorn and realize how much Ed and Connor have in common.

Third inning: Start to squirm. Be thankful our seats are in a very uncrowded section. Begin to make friends with anyone sitting nearby as they watch Connor enjoy the games of "seat up, seat down", "climb over the back of the seat", "smile at anyone who notices", etc. Hope all these new friends realize they should pick their beers up...soon.

Fourth inning: Time for the racing Presidents. Watch Teddy lose again.

Fifth inning: Look for the big chicken. (The mascot is actually an eagle, but it it certainly looks as much like a giant chicken as an eagle.)

Sixth inning: Take a lap around the stadium with daddy.

Seventh inning: Decide it's time for bed. Scrounge around mom's bag looking for anything soft to lay down on. Come up with a diaper. Decide it will do just fine.

Eighth inning: Renewed energy! Take a lap with mom, then watch the rest of the inning explaining to mom "dat guy throw da ball", "dat guy try to hit da ball", and when the batter meets with failure "one more time", until Mom declares the inning is over.

Ninth inning: Exit the ballpark, watch fireworks signaling a win from the parking lot. Fall asleep about two blocks from home.


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