Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Justin's snack packs - saving me in Europe

Our big trip this summer was to visit friends in Vienna. En route, we spent nights in Prague and Cessky-Krumlov -  and then spent days afterward in Venice and Muhlberg. After I stop sobbing about the 1,013 photos that are being transferred from my camera to my computer,  I will compose myself and start posting about the trip.

But for now, I'll just note that - because I am trying to not die at a fall marathon,  it is necessary for me to run while vacationing. This is good, because I enjoy running. It's problematic because to pull it off, I must escape a hotel room early in the morning without waking anyone so much that they decide to start their day with me. I also must find a way to get protein and calories into my system so I don't complain about being hungry all morning after my run. Because when I run, I get hungry.

Enter, Justin's. Justin's sells fancy peanut butter cups at Whole Foods. I have been known to snag one when I am getting otherwise nutritious food, just so the world doesn't feel some sort of awkward imbalance with me consuming too much fresh produce for a snack. Yum.

News to me, Justin's also sells nut butters - in single serving packs. I received samples of the Justin's maple almond butter and honey peanut butter. These goodies are delicious and can be slapped on  a roll with breakfast for a fantastic after-running treat. I will also admit to one rather weird habit, possibly shared only with my sister. We eat peanut butter on pancakes. Justin's maple almond butter on pancakes is delicious. The maple in it makes me think it's not as weird as it seems to put peanut butter on pancakes -  because lots of people put maple products on their pancakes.

Regardless, these little packs got me through Prague and Cessky-Krumlov,  and I'm looking forward to tucking them into my running vest to use as quick protein after runs to aid in recovering.


I'm a Stonyfield blogger and as part of that program, received these delicious samples. They're sold at grocery stores (I found them at a local Safeway and Whole Foods). All opinions are my own.

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  1. Not really the purpose of this post, but you should try adding peanut butter chips (ala Reese's) to pancakes. A freakin' mazing.