Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Spring Baseball

We have had a LOT of rain this spring. I think about one-third of Connor and Helen's games were cancelled, which got to be beyond tiresome. And sadly, the week my parents came out to visit was no exception. I was particularly crushed by the rainouts while they were visiting because every time they watch Connor play ball he has a great game.

Fortunately, his luck that usually comes from grandparents in the crowd came around these past two games. A few days ago, I arrived to the field (after being sent home to retrieve a cap that Connor THOUGHT he had left at home but he had actually left it AT SCHOOL!) to find a very happy kid. He had gotten a hit (which was actually hit a few feet from the first baseman, died in the mud, and for whatever reason the first baseman didn't bother to reach down and pick it up for the out). No matter, he stole second, stole third, and rounded home on another player's hit.

He then clocked a legit single into the outfield between first and second base. The ball was fielded, but not in time. I am always extra proud of my kids when they run hard down the baseline.

And then yesterday, as Helen and I were heading from the pool to the game, he got another hit, which was a actually a fielder's choice. It ended up being scored as a double, because he hit the ball to second, the second baseman threw home to try and get the guy before Connor in the line-up out at home. (That kid has hit multiple TRIPLES this season - which is awesome for Connor because I think it throws the pitcher off a bit before Connor comes up to bat!) Connor looked up, saw that nobody was paying attention at second, and without being told to run by the coach, stole the base.

That steal would be important, because it allowed him to get home on a single two batters later. There was a play at the plate, and the coach at third had NOT told Connor to keep going, but Connor had it in his head he could make it. Luckily, he was right. After that, a new pitcher was called in, and that was the end of the hitting for a while.

It's been really nice to watch Connor get on a bit of a roll toward the end of the season. One more regular season game - and then they play-offs.


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