Thursday, October 22, 2015

Catching up on past vacations - Shutterfly!

A few years ago, I started making photo books after we returned home from a vacation. The problem, of course, is that when we come home from vacation I am always behind on life in general, so often the project gets pushed back, sometimes getting forgotten completely.

So I did a survey of missing books and came up with several:
  • 2015 trip to Adirondacks / Montreal / Vermont
  • 2014 ski trip
  • 2013 ski trip
  • 2012 ski trip
  • all vacations in 2011
  • 2006 trip to Adirondacks
  • 2006 trip to Kansas
  • 2006 trip to Chincoteague

And there are probably even more, but getting through these will be a big project. Luckily, all of the photos are at least organized, so it's just a matter of drafting some words to go around them and popping them into an online book.

The strategy that has been most successful for me? Find a discount code that expires, and then stay up all night the day before it expires to finish the project. Better would be to just use the codes as I come across them, of course.

Lucky day for me - Shutterfly and Stonyfield have teamed up to offer the next discount I'm planning to use. It's simple.

  • Purchase any Stonyfield YoBaby or YoTot yogurt 6-pack and enjoy $20 off your order at Simply enter the code on the package and the discount will get stored in your shutterfly account. Details here.

  • Offer ends February 29, 2016, which means I have a ridiculous amount of time to get at least one of these projects done. If I'm really moving, I can get it done before Christmas and turn the book into a Christmas present for one of our traveling companions.
  • It's a one-time use offer - each household may get the discount once.
Nice things about these books are that not only do I enjoy the trip down memory lane when I make them, the kids enjoy looking through them and remembering their trip. They also make great gifts for our traveling companions, which often include grandparents.

Perhaps this winter will be the year that I catch up on all these vacations. That would be a huge accomplishment for me.


Many thanks to Stonyfield and Shutterfly for providing the latest kick in the pants to work on one of my favorite projects. I'm looking forward to reliving a few of these vacations!

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