Wednesday, May 13, 2015

St. Patrick's Day 2015

That ol' leprechaun got us again. In the process of trying to find the darn thing, we also learned our toilet leaks - enough to turn water that was green when Ed went to bed to clear when Connor and Helen checked for miscreants the next morning. I fixed it, at least temporarily, a task I'm exceedingly proud of. (Hat tip to my friend Jenny for the advice! And if you know Jenny, you also know she is the least likely person to be able to deliver advice about a  home repair, which makes it double awesome that her trick has worked.)

Ed thought the clues were trickier this year than in years past, but neither Helen nor Connor had much trouble deciphering them. When Helen did get a little stymied, Connor actually talked her through the clue with a hint in order for her to be able to solve it on her own. This is in stark contrast to years past when Connor wouldn't give Helen that chance, and would instead gloat about being first.

Connor was delighted to not have to shovel his way to one of the clues, as he had done last year.

And both were thrilled with the loot they found at the end.

Happy Late St. Patrick's Day! Maybe next year the kids will catch that darn leprechaun.


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