Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Helen endures the winter and what she sees as the oppressive fashion regime she must cow-tow to. Our only clothing rule is that she must wear something that is weather appropriate, and because she loves dresses so much (and I love them because she's skinny and it's easier to find dresses that fit than pants or skirts!) I have gifted her several pairs of thermal tights and leg warmers, so that she can double up and keep warm.

But still...she longs to wear tank tops and shorts - and she prefers the bright prints that tend to be in full bloom on her summer clothes.

And so it is, that on the first warm day, Helen opted to wear the below outfit to school. The best part of the outfit is the sparkly silver crown which her friend A. made her. All day when I was near her, people kept asking her if it was her birthday. Her response was so awesome. Every time, she would stare at them sort of blankly and say "no" with a clear look that said "why would you even think that?".

Welcome, spring and summer. Helen is glad to see you!


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