Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy National Play-Doh Day!

Today is National Play-Doh day. Helen celebrated a bit early by choosing strawberry scented play-doh as her prize from the prize box yesterday. She was very thrilled to shove it in my nose and shout SMELL IT, SMELL IT! It is so precious.

The folks at Play-doh celebrated by making structures of famous schools in movies out of Play-doh. Check out the rendition of the school from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

I laughed out loud when this showed up in my inbox, because my friend Ellen has taken to using the hashtag #NeverHadOneLesson whenever she posts about her children performing.

And, even though Helen has definitely had more than one lesson, every time I hear her play violin, I think of Ellen and her hashtag.

Without further adieu - I present to you Helen, playing not just the open strings on her violin, but using her index finger to make an F#. Being told she could do this was almost as exciting as the prize box.

Maybe we'll use that new Play-doh of Helen's to make a violin.


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