Monday, July 14, 2014

Stroke by stroke

Helen has been swimming with the mini tigers for just over a week. They had a meet tonight, and in spite of the monsoon I drove home through, the meet started about 1.5 after its original schedule. I was extremely grateful, because it's not at all clear there will be another chance for Helen to swim.

I don't quite understand Helen and the mini tigers. For whatever reason, she is determined to be on the swim team. But she absolutely does not want to try and be on the regular swim team, because she says, they have to swim "too far, too fast". She has a point, of course. I think in her mind, she'll just swim for the minis throughout all time. I've mentioned to her that at some point, I think you age out of mini tigers and you have to swim with the bigger kids, but she's not at all convinced that's true.

In any case, Helen is not the fastest person in the lanes. And really, she can barely swim the lap. That said - she's gotten a ton more proficient at swimming since she made her debut last year. And - she has figured out how to dive into the pool from the side, rather than jump in. I wish I had bothered to look at last year's time. This year? She checked in with a 1:01, being barely inched out by another swimmer for next to last place. Ed and I were sure she was going to take that other little girl in the final strokes, but it wasn't meant to be.

But no matter. All glory comes to those who swim, no matter what position they place. Just ask Helen. The only person in our home who swam a lap today!

For my mom, who wanted so badly to come cheer Helen on, I present the video of tonight's 25 meter freestyle.


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  1. Go Helen! It doesn't matter if you come in first or last. You did your best. Maybe next year I can come see you swim in a swim meet. Grandma C